Miss Erika Davies & Burt Brion @ Anthology.

Friday, August 31, 2012 12:00
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Jazz songstress Miss Erika Davies has until Friday, Sept. 21, to meet her $3,000 goal for a Kickstarter campaign

Hello Everybody <3

Some of you may remember that last year, I used kickstarter to finish my album, “Galaxy Lakes”. Thank you to all who made a pledge!

One year has passed since Galaxy Lakes and I am now very close to completing my next album, “Lovely Ways”… I just need your help.

Here is the deal:

After another year & I’ve been… workin’, writing, playing shows & I just won the famed San Diego Music Award for Best Jazz on August 14th!

I am now ready to finish a 6 song Ep called, “Lovely Ways”.

There may even be 7 tracks if your funding permits <3

The song titles will be as follows, in no special order as of yet…

1. Part The Sea

2. No Delorean

3. You & Me

4. Lovely Ways

5. Workin’

6. Stay Away

& Maybe, just maybe…Fragile Voices… .. . . . . .

I’ve covered almost all the costs of the recording and studio tracking aspects. Now I’ll need your help with funding this kickstarter project to get “Lovey Ways” finished! It needs to be mixed and mastered, as well as the graphic design album layout completed & then I’ll have the album sent out to be pressed as cds all for you!

That is pretty much it!

*****If I exceed my goal then, I’ll be shooting a music video on the ocean for “Part The Sea”!

If I DO NOT reach my goal then,,, there will be no Lovely Ways Album.

If I DO reach my goal..then YES, there will be an album!

So, make a pledge! Order One cd or many more & tell your friends.

Thanks Truly & Deeply,

.Erika Davies.

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