Academy Award Winner Gets His Folk On At Anthology

Friday, July 22, 2011 17:07
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photo by David Ramos

photo by David Ramos

It’s not exactly a new phenomenon.

Actors have been crossing over into the musical world for years. But this isn’t Tim Robbins’ first time at the rodeo.

I mean, forget the fact that Robbins’ father, Gil, was a member of 60s folksters The Highwaymen and toured with Harry Belafonte as part of the Belafonte singers. And forget that the elder Robbins also managed the Gaslight Club in Greenwich Village, so music has been an integral part of the family for decades.

If you remember that Robbins opened for Pearl Jam, cranking out punk-rock versions of folk tunes, while they both stumped for John Kerry on the campaign trail, it should be about all that you need to know. Sure Robbins’ Bull Durham character, Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh, butchered Otis Reddings’ “Try A Little Tenderness,” and his turn as Ian “Ray” Raymond in the audiophile-classic High Fidelity found him pony-tailed, patchouli-ed, and with a penchant for sitar, but this ain’t the movies.

Robbins and his Rogues Gallery Band started touring on their self-titled debut in Europe and Australia before kicking off dates stateside on July 8.

He’ll be at Anthology Saturday night, but I recently spoke with him from San Francisco, where he was at the KFOG radio station about to do a live, in-studio performance.

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Source: Academy Award Winner Gets His Folk On At Anthology | NBC San Diego