The Brubeck Brothers Quartet’s talents were on display at Anthology 3/10/11

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 10:55
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By Matthew Shoaf |

The Brubreck Brothers Quartet stopped in San Diego this week at Anthology to play a set. Individually, each player is outstanding, and this band has that rare level of musical communication that only time playing together allows. In homage to Dave Brubeck, they’ve chosen to use their virtuosity to showcase odd time signatures and forms.
Chris Brubeck wore the MC hat, sharing anecdotes as he introduced the tunes. He held it down on his fretless bass, and was also given ample room to create grooves himself using tapping techniques like on “Dance of the Shadows” from their last album Unclassifiedas well as taking melodic solos. Dan Brubeck contributed the rhythmic patterns for “Dance” that he learned while traveling in Argentina.

“The Girl from Massapequa”, a Chuck Lamb composition, was interesting in that is a 10 bar phrase that wraps around itself that energizes that song and propels the soloist through their verses. Mike DeMicco’s impeccable guitar playing was a treat to listen to on this tune especially.

“7th Sense”, funk tune in 7, convinced me that funk might live best in that time signature. The concert ended with the Dave Brubeck classic “Take 5”. It was only fitting to see the brothers share the stage together on their father’s tune during the extended drum solo Dan has tastefully mastered.