Scene Out: Taboo, Del Mar, Music & Candye

Monday, August 20, 2012 12:00
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Taboo: The Ladies’ Lair If you’re looking for a night with a mix of Hip Hop, Dancehall and Neo soul music, you need to make your way to Til-Two Club (4746 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego 92115) Fridays for Soul Kiss’ Taboo: The Ladies’ Lair. They have happy hour all night; a roomy dance floor in the back of the bar; lounge chairs and a pool table. The ladies come trickling in dressed to impress after 11 p.m.

Finally, Del Mar! We’ve seen the Del Mar Race commercials thousands of times but as non-betters there’s been no rush to go check it out. This past weekend, we finally made our way to the tracks and picked a winner. The problem…we didn’t have enough for the minimum bet so we won zilch, nothing, nada. Does that make us lucky or unlucky?

CityFest. CityFest was a glowing spectacle as attendees pumped glow sticks in the air, dancing to the sets of DJ Will Z, DJ John Joseph and DJ Dirty Kurty. We ran into friends, old and new, celebrating the spirit of the community. There’s always a reason to party when you go to Hillcrest

Let there be music (awards) and Candye (Kane)We attended the 22nd Annual San Diego Music Awards. The crowd was very laid back. Many of the awardees weren’t there to accept their awards, a fact that caused awkward moments of silence, accentuated by fits of the presenter repeating the winners’ names several times. The spotlights would shine on. The audience looked around each time, wondering if it would be another false-alarm, no-show honoree.We were glad to see seven-time National Blues Award Nominee, Candye Kane present to receive the Courage and Music Award. Kane got emotional during her speech. She has been battling neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer for the past three years. She underwent her second surgery May 2. A role model for the disenfranchised and the underdog, Kane is also an advocate for large-sized women; has fought for the equal rights of sex workers and the LGBT community; and she has been active with United by Music, a charity organization providing blues education to young people with disabilities since 2005.It’s no wonder that her fans are a diverse group of bikers, blues fans, punk rockers, drag queens, big girls, queers, burlesque dancers, porn fans, sex workers, rockabilly and swing dancers, gray-haired hippies, sex-positive feminists and everyday folks of all ages. Her work exemplifies the power music has to unite people. Tough cookie, Candye Kane will be performing with Gregory Page at Anthology (1337 India St, Downtown San Diego) Sept. 28 at 9:30 p.m.  A colorful mixture of the traditional and the eclectic, her shows are passionate, honest and irresistible. One evening with Candye Kane will keep you wanting more.


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