Ed Kowalczyk of Live plays Anthology

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 18:41
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by Hannah MaryJane Lungu | examiner.com
It’s been a while since Live’s “I Alone” and “Lightning Crashes” overwhelmingly satisfied the decade demands of ‘90’s audio space. After a fast forward push through the band’s era of mass radio over-play, the changing tastes of music consumers and correlative want for something new had amplified in Live’s bold-browed frontman. “A few years ago I definitely came to one of those ‘end of chapter’ moments in my life,” Ed Kowalczyk explains. “I guess it happens for a lot of people, especially creative people. I found myself in a kinda blank zone. I don’t know that I’d classify it as writer’s block, it was more just inspiration block.”

Epiphanizing that a venture down the well lit back alley of solo pursuits would revitalize his exhausted interest in music, Kowalczyk recruited a fresh set of Austin-themed musicians and crafted his namesake debut, Alive. “It’s a re-energized Ed, a re-engaged Ed,” he says about this new outlet. “I’m singing in a way that is more like an engaging style that I had earlier in my career. And I just attribute that to finding my passion for music again.”

“A tremendous amount is influenced by my faith and my personal spirituality,” Kowalczyk continues about Alive, “probably more than ever. But I like to think I took at least one page out of the sorta Bono/U2 handbook with regard to my approach, keeping it so that [Alive] had a universal appeal. So anybody from any walk of life can find something in it, hopefully, and consume it at whatever level they want to.” The Good Book gone wild crowd, complete with an intermittent mixture of upturned gazes, swaying palms and chestual affirmations (as seen on tv), he alludes, is not necessarily included with one’s listening experience.

Kowalczyk has combined this newfound passion for music into one for life as well, having recently partnered with World Vision. “I think using [my status as a public figure] to bring help to others is the most powerful thing that you can do, next to the music itself,” he says about working with the child sponsorship organization. “They do work all over the world, mainly focused in Africa, on just building communities and bringing clean water and tons of help to children of families in need,” he describes. “We’ve actually gotten almost 200 kids sponsored, just in the last six to eight months, which is really exciting. It’s kinda the highlight of the night, to see how many kids we can hook up with sponsors every night. It’s pretty fun.”

With a Tuesday evening appearance on the Anthology stage, Kowalczyk’s introducing his humanitarian musicianship to the West Coast via the newly conceived Ed Kowalczyk power trio. “Corey [Heerlein’s] gonna be on a small, punchy little jazz kit and of course Chris [Heerlein] on bass,” he describes, “and I’ll play acoustic and electric guitar. It’s gonna be a hybrid show that can, I mean, ideally it’s gonna go to every place emotionally. I’m gonna get the intimacy of the acoustic performances but then we’re also going to be able to light up and have the rock trio as well.” “I haven’t been to San Diego for a while to perform,” he continues, “so of course [I’m] excited to see the fans. But also this line-up being a brand new idea that we’ve had, [I’m] looking forward to seeing what kind of set we can form it into.”

“I’m happier than ever as a creative person and as a performer,” Kowalczyk concludes about his latest endeavor. “So I’m seeing the simple equation of ‘I’m happy so they’re happy,’ you know? It’s really infectious and that’s really what it’s about for me.”

Additional show and ticketing information for Tuesday’s performance can be found by visiting anthologysd.com.

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