Monday, August 9, 2010 16:59

August 2nd, 2010


Chef Todd Allison Joins the San Diego Supper Club as Executive Chef

San Diego, CA – An elite Los Angeles chef whose skills and masterpieces in the kitchen have been described as having “marvelous flavor,” “relit the kitchen fire”‘ and a “creative menu” is on the move to San Diego’s Anthology.

Chef Todd Allison will join Anthology’s line-up as Executive Chef on July 19. The culinary veteran already has some major plans for the fine dining restaurant known for their unique atmosphere that blends top quality food with an intimate music and entertainment venue.

“I am about to test San Diego’s palate,” said Chef Allison. “I want to change the whole menu. I’m starting to plan and I’ll see what I can get away with.”

Mystery doesn’t surround everything on the future menu though. Chef Allison will definitely wow Anthology diners with his signature Cranberry-Pistachio Pesto and unusual Harissa spice, which is a chili paste made from the North African Piri Piri pepper that delivers a pleasant heat on the end of dishes. He also plans to incorporate his favorite fish, Loup de Mer, which he says translates to ‘Wolf of the Sea’, a perfect description.

“I don’t like getting stuck with a signature dish,” Chef Allison said. “I want to have multi-use spices and pastes that you can use on a wide range of things. I’ve used harissa on chicken sandwiches and cheese plates and fish dishes. It goes with everything.”

Chef Allison plans to shake things up in not just in the kitchen but at the bar too. At his former restaurant, Checkers Hilton, he experimented with truffle-infused rum and simple syrups mixed with peppers. Chef Allison is bringing that same enthusiasm to cocktails so diners’ taste buds are thrilled and enamored with not only with his innovative dishes but with the perfect, cocktail compliment.

Chef Allison will continue the cuisine standards of Anthology, especially in regards to the restaurant’s sustainable, market-driven food focus and campaign to support local farmers and fishermen.
With music in his roots, Chef Allison was immediately drawn to Anthology. From an early age, he fell in love with playing instruments – the piano, drums and guitar. That passion is still there, and now Anthology can help fulfill that musical inclination.

This award-winning California chef isn’t new to the San Diego scene. His childhood was spent on the beaches and back roads of Coronado Island where he lived with his parents and two siblings, a younger sister and older brother.

He moved to Scottsdale to pursue his education at the Scottsdale Culinary Le Cordon Bleu. While attending school, he worked as Tournant Chef at Mary Elaine’s at The Phonecian Resort and Spa where he won multiple honors including, the Mobile 5-Star, Triple A 5-Diamond and the Grand Wine Spectator awards. Chef Allison took his position of leadership as Sous Chef at Aqua at St. Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point. Two years later, he moved to Laguna Beach to work as Chef de Cuisine at Bollinger’s before his latest gig as Executive Chef at Checkers.