Jane Monheit Live at Anthology for Two Consecutive Nights of Beautiful Music

Monday, March 16, 2009 10:24

Jane Monheit’s second set on March 13 should’ve been called “date night.”

Love was definitely in the air as there were many couples (and some wannabe couples in attendance).

Jane certainly helped with the love vibe. She is an engaging performer who not only sings like an angel, but she tells stories that help the audience relate to the songs and to her.

For instance, she recorded her latest album, “The Lovers, The Dreamers And Me” when she was five months pregnant (the lucky man who won this beautiful singer’s heart also happens to be her drummer) and her baby not only influenced the album but also the size of his tummy (which he pointed out on the big screen).

Some of the highlights included her opening number, a revisionist version of the Michael Buble pop hit, “Everything,” and her stunning take on “Tea For Two.” However, she really touched my heart with her song, “Love Dance,” and I must admit I felt melancholy because I wanted my wife there to hear this beautiful song.

One thing I really like about Jane: She has a great voice, but she doesn’t oversing. She actually trusts the melodies of the tunes she’s singing. When she does engage in some vocal pyrotechnics, they serve that song and don’t seem self-indulgent at all.

I must say her band was excellent, especially the drummer. I tried to stand over him on the second floor so I could see his brushwork, but was asked to go back to my seat.

Although I enjoyed Jane’s show, I am glad I showed up before the set because the big screen showed extensive footage of Steve Tyrell from his last Anthology show.

Man, he had a hot band and they were jamming over some excellent Burt Bacharach and Hal David songs (which Tyrell had a hand in producing when he was in his 20s). I couldn’t help but sing them and a guy from Milwaukee was impressed.

“You know these songs?”

“Well, yeah, they’re Dionne Warwicke songs.”

“Dionne Warwicke? Didn’t she have a Psychic Friends Network or something?”

“Yeah, but she had to do something to get famous enough to do that.”

“I’ll be darned.”

I saw him later and I think he enjoyed the show even more than I did.

- David

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