Gavin Rossdale Photos – Performing Live at Anthology

Thursday, November 13, 2008 18:23

Gavin Rossdale performed live at Anthology on July 17 as part of the SOPHIE’S LOUNGE Private Concert series. Click here to view the full photo gallery.

The photographer, Paul Parks, writes:

You know how every now and then you here about these obscure intimate concerts that usualy go on during the day when youre at work. Usualy its a show before the night of a show type of show. And usually with a radio station putting it on ;-) Anthology has put on a bunch of these this summer, in cojunction with FM Sophie@103.7 The best of these….oh yes and let me say Anthology has transformed themselves for these shows. They went from classy Jazz Club setting to….classy intimate lounge setting ;-) But the best of these shows for my money was Gavin Rossdale. Formerly of the group BUSH and now doing his solo thing, performed at Anthology in a sort of “Story Tellers” type of show, where the Sophie DJ would ask questions to Gavin between songs. And please dont call Gavin “Mr. Gwen Stefani”…..for Gavin its alllll about the music. The DJ lady resisted the temptation to go down the “Hows Gwen ” route….which did keep it all about the music :-) He passionately played some BUSH and some of his new stuff.

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