Farm Fresh Pick of the Week: Spinach

Friday, September 14, 2012 13:40

Popeye’s Perfect Appetizer

By Jackie Barrios & Casey Pukl

Spinach! Oh yes, that unpleasant Leafy vegetable we hated eating as kids and saw the amazing Sailor Popeye enjoy, can now be appreciated in a delicious dip. Popeye was right on a few things: eating more spinach is a great idea, and it can be enjoyed alone or hidden within another tasty vehicle. Either way, the green vegetable provides the body with a great source of protein and goes well with just about anything. This week Executive Chef Kristen Burman found a clever way to use spinach- mixed with white beans and an amazing Greek pita. Yum!

Spinach & White Bean Dip
Grilled Pita, Crispy Spinach

To start this delightful dip, Burman starts by blanching the spinach (place in boiling water, then remove and place in an ice bath). This preserves the lovely green color. Afterwards,  squeeze to dry.

To cook the white beans, Burman uses cannellini here in the Anthology kitchen. She recommends the beans should be cooked as directed or if you can’t find time to cook beans, use store bought canned white beans, They will work just as well. Just open and drain from the can.

Next you will puree the spinach and white beans in a food processor with about equal parts of each.  Depending on how you would like to savor the dip, add a couple of spoons of roasted garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice for flavor.  Place the puree into an oven proof dish or otherwise heat in a sauce pan.

While the dip is getting warm, grill or bake  some wonderful Greek pitas and cut into wedges. For an extra added garnish, fry up a few Enjoy!

Recommended Wine Pairing

Zocker, Gruner Veltliner, Edna Valley, California, 2010
White Pepper, Ripe Melon, Fruit Cocktail

This wine is one that has quickly become a house favorite. For those who tried it during the week of our okra and crayfish gumbo, you’ll get to see this wine in a whole new light this time around. Director of Restaurant Operations, Marc Canzoneri, has a new personal favorite. “I love this white. It’s crisp, has great acidity, and not only does it do well with seafood, but it also holds up to stronger vegetables like asparagus and spinach. It’s a great complement.”

Be sure to come in this weekend, and split some dip with a friend! We’ve got:

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