Farm Fresh Pick of the Week: Raspberries

Friday, August 3, 2012 16:50

Berry Sweet Treats

By Casey Pukl

These sweet morsels are the best end of summer treats! Growing up, we had a crop of raspberries growing behind our house, and from August through September, it was a raspberry bonanza! Raspberries were on cereal, in smoothies, pancakes, sauces, raw, frozen, you name it! Fortunately my beloved favorite berries are making an appearance in San Diego as well! Today, pastry chef Jamie Crone, and bartender David Tye, share their two favorite raspberry recipes in this week’s Farm Fresh Pick!

Raspberry Profiteroles
Pate a Choux, Raspberry Cream, Mint Syrup

Oh, profiteroles— or creme puffs, whatever you call them, they’re delicious! These classic French desserts are made with a sticky pastry dough that perfectly “puffs” up with a crispy outside and fluffy interior. This week, Jamie teaches us how to make these raspberry delights!

Start by making your Pate a Choux, also known as the dough. The dough as stated earlier is very sticky. It is made by cooking butter and water together, then adding flour to thicken. After that, beat in eggs one at a time. The more eggs that are added without the dough losing its shape, the better the texture will be of your profiteroles. The high moisture content of the dough creates steam that allows the dough to puff up and hollow.

Next, make your raspberry cream! Start out by making a standard cream based sauce, and when tempering in the eggs and sugar, also add cornstarch. Cook the mixture on low heat, whisking constantly to thicken. Remove the mixture from the heat, add butter, salt, and raspberry puree.

Once the profiteroles are stuffed with cream, dip the tops in ganache. The ganache can be made by simply combining equal parts heavy cream and chocolate with a shot of corn syrup for that extra shine!

The extra wow-factor on this plate is in the mint syrup! Blanched mint leaves are blended with simple syrup to make this stunning and refreshing garnish. If you’re making these at home, be sure not to skip it!

Raspberry Beret

Creator: David Tye

2oz Raspberry Vodka
1oz Chambord
1oz Fresh Lemon & Lime Juice
1/2oz Cucumber Syrup
Soda Water

Ingredients: Combine vodka, chambord, lemon, lime, and cucumber syrup in shaker. Add ice, shake, strain over ice. Top with soda water, garnish with a lime wheel.

When bartender David Tye was told he’d be making a cocktail out of raspberries, I’m pretty sure he already had the name in mind! Working at a music venue who names most cocktails after song titles, it was only appropriate.

While David is still relatively new to the Anthology team, he’s been an incredible enthusiastic new addition! “Anthology is the best of both worlds for me. As a life-long musician, being able to see so many amazing acts come through our venue is awesome and inspiring. As a cocktail enthusiast, I am constantly able to create new drinks and work on new ideas with all of my amazing coworkers behind the bar. Anthology is by far the best bar I’ve had the chance to work in.”

This cocktail at first seems sweet, then tart, and then fresh cucumber and lime flavors take over. It’s a really fantastic sweet option when you’re looking for something on that side that’s not too intense.

Be sure to come on down and give these two amazing specials a try this weekend! We’ve got Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Brian McKnight and more!