Farm Fresh Pick of the Week: Cherries

Friday, July 6, 2012 7:00

Life is Just a Bowl of…

By Casey Pukl

You guessed it— cherries! And my oh my, have we got a ton of ideas for you today! From crispy sweetbreads to cheesecake and beyond, one thing is clear: the Anthology staff loves cherries. This week, let’s just dig right into it!

Crispy Veal Sweetbreads
Sweet Pickled Cherries, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Truffled Bordelaise

If you’re a fan of sweetbreads, this dish is the perfect showcase for their awesomeness (yes, that’s a word). If you’ve never had sweetbreads, don’t be alarmed by the description, and take a chance.

“Sweetbreads are the thymus gland of a baby cow,” explains Executive Chef Kristen Burman. “Sweetbreads are also super delicious.”

To prepare this dish, first Burman recommends soaking the lobe of sweetbreads overnight in milk.  Then, rinse it in water, and poach it very slowly in seasoned chicken stock until it has the firmness of jello. To test, see if it springs back when pressed gently. Then, cool it down in the stock by putting the pot directly into an ice bath.

Once it has cooled, separate it into pieces, and lay the pieces on a paper towel to dry them off. Next, toss the pieces in seasoned flour and sautée them with chanterelle mushrooms until they’re golden brown. Add sweet pickled cherries (to pickle your own cherries, simply poach them in white balsamic vinegar & sugar) and serve over a bit of truffled bordelaise.

Roasted Cherry Cheesecake
Brandy Macerated Cherries, Coffee Cheesecake, Cherry-Vanilla Ice Cream

Pastry Chef, Jamie Crone, also wanted to showcase this week’s ingredient in an incredible display of dessert artistry. I nearly died and went to food heaven when I walked into the kitchen and smelled coffee cheesecake, and it only got better from there. While this dish has many components, it is totally worth the time and effort.

To start, Crone recommends roasting the cherries tossed with sugar, brandy, and orange zest for about 25 minutes, stirring every now and then.

Next, Crone recommends making the cherry-vanilla ice cream. Start by scalding milk, cream, and vanilla bean. Temper with a mixture of eggs and sugar. Cook on low until thickened. Add some of the roasted cherries, and freeze in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Then you’ll be moving onto my favorite part, the cheesecake. Crone’s cheesecake is cream cheese and sour cream based. Whip the cream with sugar to soften, scraping down the sides of bowl to avoid lumps. Add your eggs gradually, and then add coffee extract to taste. Fill your molds with the mixture and bake at 250 degrees for 30-40 minutes or until the cakes no longer jiggle when pan is tapped. Refrigerate to set.

Once the cheesecakes are in the oven, cover some espresso beans in dark chocolate and let set.

If you’re still amped and feeling strong in your kitchen, whip up a little devil’s food cake. This will serve as the base for your ice cream. To plate the rest, scoop the ice cream onto the devil’s food cake, make a chocolate-covered espresso bean path from there to your cheesecake pyramid, and top with your roasted cherries.

Cherry Blossom
Creator: Ryan Hussman

Cherry Noir Grey Goose
Cherry Heering
Fresh Lemon Juice
Chai Tea Honey
Candied Cherries

Instructions: Muddle lemon and cherries together. Add liquids, shake with ice, and strain into martini glass. Garnish with candied cherry and flower petal.

Drinks like this one are exactly why we’re going to miss bartender, Ryan Hussman so much when he heads off for school in August. Having been with Anthology since day one, he has been a core member of our staff, and a great palate behind the bar.

When asked about his inspiration for this drink, Hussman says, “I wanted a summer drink that had a lemonade-tea feel to it. It’s great not only served up, but also on the rocks. It’ll pair nicely with our other cherry dishes featured this week as well as with our beet salad or gnocchi.”

Special thanks to all of our incredible kitchen and bar staff that contributed to today’s article! Be sure to come on down and give these treats a try! Specials start running tonight and last until supplies run out!