“I Don’t Care How You Get Here…”

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 10:22

“…Just Get Here If You Can”

by Casey Pukl

When we originally discussed the idea for this blog and it’s name, “Backstage” instantly seemed appropriate. From artist interviews to exclusive recipes with our incredible kitchen, this is the place to find out about everything you won’t see on stage.

Last Friday night, there was an incredible backstage story leading up to Joan Osborne’s sold out show that we just had to share with our loyal readers. I’ve seen our production staff go to some pretty amazing lengths to make shows happen when equipment fails, traffic holds up the band, elevators break, you name it! However, from here on out, everything else pales in comparison.

Let me set the scene.

There’s a packed house waiting for a show, and the artist is missing in action. Can you say, “Terrifying?”

Osborne had booked a flight from Phoenix to San Diego earlier in the day. The flight was canceled, and she was placed on stand-by. Unfortunately she still wasn’t booked on the next flight, so she tried to get as close as possible to San Diego. The closest flight took her to Long Beach and landed at 6:15. Keep in mind show time is 7:30.

Anyone who has ever tried knows that making it from Long Beach to San Diego on a Friday night is an impossible feat. It’s actually impossible at any time regardless of traffic. This is where the magic happens…

Production Manager, Brad Gardner, and our Director of Music Operations, Michael Pritchard sprung into action. They had a connection to a pilot, and fortunately enough, he just happened to be driving to his plane at Montgomery Field. Within minutes, the deal was done, the pilot had changed his plans, and he was flying to Long Beach to pick up Joan, her daughter, and pianist. So yes, you could say that our staff chartered a private plane to make this show happen!

Back at Anthology. Brad was busy assembling an opening act to buy some precious time before the sold out crowd grew restless. The opening act for our late show happened to be around and more than willing to help out. The Black Nature Band threw together an impromptu 40-minute set as Michael drove out to Montgomery Field to pick up Joan and company.

By 8:15, Joan was in the building, and by 8:30 she was on stage and ready to go! The show was incredible, as evidenced here by her performance of “St. Teresa”.

Kudos to our dedicated, quick-thinking, and proactive team for truly going above and beyond for this one! Nothing is impossible with stellar teamwork!