Anthology Production Team Earns Emmy Nomination

Saturday, May 19, 2012 9:00
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Brad Gardner and Ian Crosby Shine

by Casey Pukl

It’s no secret that Anthology has a stellar production team. Production manager, Brad Gardner, now has 9 Emmy nominations and 3 wins to his name (and a big win from 2011)! Now, not only do we have one Emmy-nominated team member, but we can make that two. Production assistant, Ian Crosby, is officially one of the youngest pro-craft nominees ever!

Gardner and Crosby submitted their recording of The Four Freshmen performing “Angel Eyes” at Anthology (see the video below), and were nominated in the Audio category by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Pacific Southwest Chapter.


I caught up with Ian this week to find out how he got his start here at Anthology, what working with the incredible Brad Gardner has been like, and just how he reacted when he found out that he was nominated for an Emmy…

CP: What brought you to Anthology?

IC: I was introduced to music at a young age, and quickly became a consumer of all types of music as well as actually being a musician. Since then, I’ve played in concerts, plays, and at various house parties and have predominately been on the performing side of the microphone. 

I was taking music production classes at San Diego City College at the time, and I came across a flyer in the career center for an internship at Anthology working with the production crew.  Knowing that this is a cut-throat industry, I ripped the flyer off the wall and called the man who would soon be my mentor, Brad Gardner.  After a few meetings, we were able to set up a realistic schedule of dates for me to shadow my peers.  From there, with increased interest and motivation, shadowing quickly turned into doing, and this new skill that I had attained became a passion.

CP: What’s the most enjoyable part of working at Anthology?

IC: Hmmm… the most enjoyable thing.. that’s a tough one.  There’s a certain feeling that comes over me when working with truly passionate musicians who respect themselves and those who are working with them.

At first we’re complete strangers to each other but we’re able to build a relationship based on their trust in me, and my appreciation for their music.  A key ingredient for this to happen is passion.  Music is art, and is a collection of expressed emotions through notes and to be able to capture their vibe in a balanced mix is something that we do together.  Although I’m not actually performing I feel as though I’m part of the band and as a whole we are providing the best experience possible for the patrons.

CP: What has it been like working with Brad?

IC: I am extremely grateful to be working with such a professional in this field, and especially one who truly cares about the work that he does.  Many times I’ve seen individuals just get the job done, but with Brad we get the job done right and to the best of our abilities.  He’s been an awesome mentor and has become a close friend. I’m grateful to be working with someone who has such knowledge and experience in this field, and especially for the critical thinking and problem solving skills I have picked up from him.  He’s great at what he does, and I will always be thankful for the support and knowledge he has given me.  Respect!

CP: Tell me about the moment you found out you were nominated for an Emmy!

IC: Emmy nominated! It’s crazy! I was in my Biology class eagerly waiting to hear from Brad what the results were.  As soon as I read the text I frightened the class by releasing an unexpected yelp followed by me running out the door screaming [laughs].  Being acknowledged for our hard work is rewarding in itself, and regardless of what the final decision comes down, to I’m proud to be representing Anthology, supporting live music, and working with great people from all walks of life.

CP: What are your future goals?

IC: I just want to keep doing what I’m doing, learning as much as I can, and start giving back more.  I’ve been blessed with amazing opportunities, and I feel as though it’s only right to take what I’ve learned and share it with others.  I’m really appreciative for the opportunities that Howard and Marsha Berkson, Michael Pritchard, and Brad Gardner have given me, and I hope to build our relationship stronger, and keep supporting live music in San Diego!

I asked Brad Gardner about the nomination and working with Ian; his response?

BG: Ian is now a man; a big, burly he-man. I’m proud.

The award ceremony is scheduled for June 16, 2012 at the La Costa Ballroom. Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to congratulate these guys next time you see them working the boards!