Farm Fresh Pick of the Week: Kiwi

Friday, April 13, 2012 8:00

Mojo & More

by: Casey Pukl

Kiwifruit are proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. These brown, fuzzy, egg shaped fruits look quite creepy from the outside, but once you cut into them and discover the gorgeous green color and delicious sweetness, there’s nothing that will stop you from digging straight in with a spoon.

This week, Sous Chef Kristen Burman (the sous chef formerly known as Kristen Williams) and beverage manger Marc Canzoneri decided to show off the kiwi in both sweet and savory concoctions. From a spicy traditional Cuban dish to a cocktail that will leave you feeling like a million bucks, read on to find out what this week’s special is!

Kiwi Mojo-Marinated Prawns with Black Beans & Crispy Prosciutto

These kiwi marinated prawns are to die for. With just the right balance of spicy, tart, and sweet flavors, this dish will keep you on your toes. Mojo is a traditional cuban sauce that in the Cuban culture contains orange and lime juice along with oil and various spices. The sauce is quite acidic and tangy. Burman says, “Aside from the addition of kiwi, this is a pretty standard Cuban style mojo recipe. While the recipe originally used lard which was more prevalent in cooking then, it is common now to use any type of vegetable oil when making this recipe.”

Start by heating up the oil or lard with some garlic. You’ll then add some seasonings like chili flakes, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and salt. You’ll then add equal parts fresh orange and fresh lime juice. Bring the sauce to a boil, and pour it over peeled kiwis in a blender. Let it cool for a few minutes, then puree until smooth. Marinate your prawns in the mojo overnight, then grill and serve.

To make the black beans, you’ll just need onions, green peppers, and black beans. Sweat the onions, then add the diced pepper and garlic, and then finally the beans. Sautee lightly with some salt and pepper. Once the beans are done, plate them, as they’re the base to this delicious dish!

To make the crispy prosciutto, simply bake a thin slice of prosciutto until crisp. That’s it!

Beverage manager Marc Canzoneri recommends pairing this dish with owner Marsha Berkson’s favorite wine, Frostwatch Vineyard’s 2010 Kismet. This wine is a blend of 70% Sauvignon Blanc and 30% Semillon. 90% of the wine was fermented in stainless steel tanks while the other 10% were aged in French oak casks. This gives this wine a unique warmth, but also a great acidic crispness. While the wine is a little on the dry side, there are notes of lemongrass, peach, and mango. This wine is currently on special by the glass, and this is a great time to try it since we normally only offer it by the bottle!

Dazed & Confused
Creator: Marc Canzoneri

Rain honey Mango Melon Vodka
Green Chartreuse
Kiwi Puree
Fresh Lemon & Lime Juice
Top with Soda Water

 Instructions: Combine vodka, Chartreuse, puree, juice, and honey in shaker. Add ice and shake until combined. Pour into glass, slide kiwi slices into the sides of the glass as garnish, then top with soda water.

This drink is exactly what I’m looking for in a spring time cocktail, and it is a perfect ending to the dish above. Between the sweetness of the melon vodka and kiwi puree, the herbal notes from the Green Chartreuse really step in to balance it out. Oh, and can we address the awesome presentation with the kiwi slices decorating the inside of the glass? With a drink this tasty, the presentation only adds to the experience.

Be sure to come on in as always and give our Farm Fresh specials a try! Specials begin tonight, and they will continue to run until we’re out!