The 2nd Annual Anthology Summer Jazz Workshop – in partnership with Francis Parker School, and with generous support provided by Jazz 88.3 FM – provides the opportunity for music students, ages 12-15, to study with some of San Diego's most gifted professional jazz musicians/teachers in an environment designed to nurture their growth as musicians, both technically and creatively. This is a hands-on Workshop where students learn performance skills, improvisation, jazz theory and jazz history with the emphasis on playing music! The young musicians will perform in a class-ending professional atmosphere at Anthology, San Diego’s premier jazz club.
The Workshop is open to beginning through advanced skill levels; however, students must be able to sight-read music and have a minimum of one (1) year’s experience on his or her instrument of choice. Two, one-week sessions will be held at the Thiemann Music Center on Parker’s Linda Vista campus. This is the perfect venue for music-minded students to grow musically and personally as they learn to express themselves through the art of jazz improvisation. Proper placement will be determined by either an electronically-submitted or in-person audition prior to the start of each Session. Voice musicians may enroll in Week #1 only.

A lunch is provided for all Workshop participants and is included in the tuition fee.